To promote the formation of new adaptive design communities worldwide, we offer an intensive course. We encourage organizations to send motivated staff to New York City for custom intensive study to gain essential skills, are expected to engage colleagues, parents, and local makers on their return home.

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United States

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

South America

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Lima, Peru

Fisherville, VA



Nyeri, Kenya


CITY, India


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Medstead, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Jean Westmacott , Assistive Equipment Director and Volunteer

Cerebral Palsy Africa - Paper Furniture Social Enterprise


+44 1361 883315


Appropriate Paper-based Technology (APT) techniques were developed in Zimbabwe by Bevill Packer in the 1970s, who made furniture, toys and household items as well as some equipment for people with disabilities. Applying basic engineering principles and working with therapists has led to further developments: specially adapted chairs, standing frames, ride-on animals and wheelchair inserts for children with disabilities in various parts of the world.  Today, Jean and Ken Westmacott in the UK are further developing Packer's work and training instructors who teach APT techniques worldwide.

Watertown, Massachusetts

Molly Campbell, Occupational Therapist

Perkins School for the Blind, Assistive Device Center



The Assistive Device Center designs and constructs such custom devices that help children lead more independent lives. Custom-made items meet the unique needs of individuals while being affordable, durable and attractive. Teachers, therapists, aides and parents from Perkins and the general public are invited to make adaptive devices in the Assistive Device Center by appointment.

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Syracuse, New York

Connor McGough, Program Coordinator



Arise Adaptive Design Booklet



Adaptive Design Syracuse, is an interdisciplinary, community-based initiative to ensure that people with disabilities have the equipment they need to live vibrant, full lives.  It's a volunteer collective of people with all types of abilities, their families and friends, clinicians, designers and makers.

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Cordoba, Argentina

Federico Gonzalez

OMNES Todos y cada uno


+54 9 351 238-4055


OMNES Todos y cada uno is a team of Professionals from different disciplines, with 20 years and more of experience in education and health for People with Disabilities and especially with Multiple Disabilities, who we have created and formed the OMNE Foundation. 

Equipo de Profesionales provenientes de diferentes disciplinas, con 20 años y más de experiencia en educación y salud para Personas con Discapacidad y sobre todo con Discapacidad Múltiple, quienes hemos creado y conformamos la Fundación Omne.

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Ibarra, Ecuador

Kit Frank, Occupational Therapist

Prótesis Imbabura




Prótesis Imbabura’s mission is to provide Ecuadorian patients with quality affordable prosthetics (artifical limbs), orthotics (braces) and adaptive equipment.  Bob Frank, Prosthetist, and Kit Frank, Occupational Therapist, are volunteer consultants at Prótesis Imbabura. Kit has led the Adaptive Design Workshop since 2008, providing custom adaptive equipment such as standing tables, adapted seats, trays, easels, and wheelchair adaptations.

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