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Mohamed Lights Up Giving Tuesday

Mohamed is a high school student who loves to tinker. He spends nearly every day at his high school making assistive devices in the school's adaptive design shop as part of ADA's Made to Learn program. Mohamed has learned to craft objects that help remove barriers for students during their learning day. An elevated seat helps students who are challenged with the design of desk chairs; food trays are crafted to hold lunches more securely when moving through lunch lines.

One of Mohamed’s favorite activities is when he and his classmates visit the ADA workshop every Tuesday. Adam El Sawaf and Eric Gottshall, ADA Designers, provide support and instruction for Mohamed and his classmates while they make even more specialized adaptive equipment for their fellow students. “We have to break projects down into manageable steps.” Said Adam. “There is a broad range of communication and learning styles with the students. Some use words, others use hand gestures, or they use picture boards to let us know when they have questions. It’s amazing how many pieces of adaptive equipment are produced by the students every time they visit!”

Last Tuesday, Eric and Adam had a special treat for Mohamed and his buddies. The students made their own pocket flashlights. Basic contact wiring, an LED light, and a folded index card make surprisingly effective flashlights. “This project took twelve steps from start to finish.” Said Adam. It was so gratifying to see when students completed the project, and voila! Their flashlight worked!” Mohamed and his classmates were thrilled that they could keep their flashlights, they are used to making adaptive devices for others.

The Made-to-Learn Program is another way that ADA partners with schools. We believe that adaptive devices remove barriers to learning, allowing each student to reach their potential. And we believe that with support and guidance, students with their own barriers to learning can make adaptive devices and experience the joy of helping others.

Your Giving Tuesday gifts are helping people like Mohamed and his fellow students to be part of the ADA team. Thank you for your generosity. We are very grateful.

Photo Description: Mo is working with Adam to screw in the pieces of the adaptive remote control car controller.

Photo Description: Mo and his classmate are testing out the remote control car adaptions.

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