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Meet Hannah!

Hannah is twenty-one-year-old who knows New York like the back of her hand. She has favorite museums that she visits frequently. She loves to attend Broadway musicals and never misses a concert when her favorite bands come to town.  Like many New Yorkers, Hannah is never afraid to share her opinions on politics and takes a keen interest in policy issues, especially those surrounding non-binary rights. When she is not pursuing cultural or political activities, Hannah loves to play basketball at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) or ride her adaptive bicycle.  

(Photos of Hannah through the years - Photo 1: Hannah in a floor sitter. Photo 2: Hannah in an adaptive scooter. Photo 3: Hannah using adaptive switches to navigate her wheelchair.)

Adaptive Design Association (ADA) has been helping Hannah navigate her world since she was 6 months old. The goal has always been to help Hannah strengthen her limbs and offer mobility with devices that are designed for her developing needs. Over time, ADA has built countless rockers, bikes, and chairs for Hannah.  Recently,  Hannah approached ADA requesting a device that can help her play basketball.  “Hannah shared that she wanted to participate in a Special Olympics basketball team,” Said Eric Gottshall, ADA Designer.  “She needed a device that would allow the ball to land in her lap so that she could shoot it and be part of the game.” Said Eric.  “A customized sling placed over her chair arms seemed to do the trick.”  Hannah is now able to participate in games and express her competitive spirit!  

(Photo of Hannah using her adaptive basketball sling on the court)

ADA will be there for Hannah whenever she needs assistive equipment to help navigate her busy world.  Partnering with Hannah over these many years has been a pleasure for the ADA team. We love that we have had the honor of watching Hannah blossom into young adulthood  and take on  New York in her own special “Hannah style.” ADA follows every client over time.  We develop and customize assistive devices that remove barriers, allowing each child to grow in their own unique way.  We can only do our work with the support of our generous donors and invite you to join our team!

If you or someone you know has a request for equipment, please share this link to get started:


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