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Every day at ADA, you make it happen.

Together, we can provide life-changing services and programs. Adaptive Design Association (ADA) is a nonprofit design workshop in midtown, a community resource where individuals, parents, therapists and teachers can imagine new possibilities for inclusion. At Adaptive Design Association we start designing where the catalogs end to ensure a custom fit for every client.

Every day at ADA we build bridges to engagement by creating custom equipment for people with disabilities and pathways to action through educational opportunities. Donate or fundraise to #everydayatada 2019 campaign.

Your contribution will ensure more children with disabilities receive the custom equipment they need to participate fully and gain new opportunities for independance.

Last year alone we used 200 sheets of triple-wall cardboard, 20 gallons of white glue, and 10 cases of hot glue and hundreds of hours of skilled work to build over 400 adaptive pieces.


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