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Courses Go Virtual

Relaxed shoulder muscles, deep breathing, upright posture, smooth digestion -- just some of the benefits of thoughtful positioning. With so many people working in unaccustomed sites, there has never been a better time to learn more about the principles and practice of seating and positioning, delivered virtually by our very own Susan Fridie, OT/L. 

Our continuing education workshop Introduction to Seated Positioning is now being offered virtually. This workshop is primarily intended for clinicians responsible for seated positioning of clients with physical disabilities, but it is open to anyone with an interest: parents, ergonomists, designers, etc. Learn more and register today! For over 20 years Adaptive Design has collaborated with the community to make thousands of custom adaptations using affordable materials and approachable techniques to create things unavailable commercially.  Applying that same community spirit to the current health crisis our community cannot wait for PPE to be made available and at low-cost so we have distributed 263 cloth masks, 154 face shields, 25 scrub hats, and 160 ear- savers, with more orders in queue. And in this new normal, ADA staff and Board believe that no one should be excluded so we are currently working with a focus group on designs and prototypes for transparent anti-fog masks. We will continue making the PPE so long as there is a need and limited access to our community. Check out our photo gallery of Always Adapting Initiatives. We are thrilled that July brings opportunities for ADA to offer virtual experiences including tours + courses and allows for making custom adaptations for individual clients once again! Please do take advantage of these opportunities and spread the word. 


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