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Circle Time at PS138M

We visited with Hayley Dick and her students at PS138 to deliver circle time benches. It was a privilege to see their lesson in action. All of the students are deaf or hard of hearing and have cochlear implants. They each wear hearing aids on both ears, and the teacher communicates with them through an FM system. In presenting to them we had to use a special microphone. Hayley shares, "I came across Adaptive Design’s stools last year from one of my colleagues. She had several of them in her classroom and asked if I could use them. I thought these would be perfect for my Morning Meeting lesson and other instructional times during the day. My Kindergarten, First, and Second grade students have the wiggles and have a hard time keeping their bodies to themselves while on the rug. These stools are just what I needed to solve the aforementioned issue. The elevation from the floor engages my student’s core muscle strength and helps them sit up tall, maintain focus, and keeps their bodies at appropriate distances from one another while learning. Thank you so much, Adaptive Design, for creating these wonderful seating options for my students.”

In her classroom, teacher Hayley Dick sits with her students in front of her in a semicircle. Behind her hangs a large projector screen and a white board with black writing on it, along with other classroom projects.
Hayley Dick's classroom


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