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Baby Bella Loves Music

Image: making a prone stander supine so Bella can play the piano.

Bella is an adorable 22-month-old toddler with definite ideas about what she likes: Music makes her happy; Soft cuddles from her parents are divine; Plush toys are the center of her world. Love from an engaged extended family always surrounds her. Everyone is rooting for beautiful Bella.

It’s easy to forget how much work it takes to be a toddler. Walking has to be learned and gravity is always pulling hard. Babies frequently fall when learning to stand on wobbly legs. Bella is overwhelmed with this unrelenting pull to the floor and needs help.

Patricia Torres, a Pediatric Physical Therapist, has worked with Bella since she was an infant. “Some babies are born with a need to move and others need a little help along the way.” Said Patricia. “It’s hard work learning to use our muscles. Just think about how hard it is to work out in a gym. It’s tough challenging our muscles at any stage of life. We really need to get Bella up on her feet and mobile as soon as possible.”

Patricia contacted ADA asking for devices to help Bella. Antoinette LaSorsa, ADA’s Fabrication Director, designed a pretty pink standing table so that Bella can strengthen her legs and core. “We adapted this design to fit Bella’s tiny body. She can stand and play with her toys and get stronger while having fun.” Said Antoinette.

Eric Gottshall, ADA Fabricator and Designer, built a tiny “low rider” scooter so that Bella can strengthen her arms by pulling herself along on the floor. “Bella is just a baby, so I designed a scooter with lots of soft fluffy faux fur to support her body. I had a favorite blanket when I was a toddler and still remember how important soft fabric was for me to feel safe and comforted. I wanted Bella to have a similar association with the scooter, so I work hard to make it as soft and welcoming as possible.”

Patricia has partnered with ADA for nearly two decades. “There is no other place where I can get adaptive devices for toddlers and young children.“ Said Patricia. “ADA always comes up with amazing innovative designs that really help our youngest clients reach their true potential. We are so grateful.”

ADA never turns down a good challenge. We seek to creatively remove barriers for New Yorkers no matter their size or age. We can only do our work with your help!

Every donation makes you a partner in innovation.

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Photo Gallery

First fitting getting Bella set up for a prone stander.

Delivery of Bella's pink prone stander.

Fitting for Bella's low rider playing guitar

Final low rider


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