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Applied Solutions or Artistic Expression

Who knew virtual visits would be the new normal? Thanks, Professor Judith Leinen, for inviting Adaptive Design to prove the possibility back at the beginning of March (and nothing to do with COVID19). In a virtual class-visit with Adam El-Sawaf on March 4th, Judith's students had the chance to tour the Adaptive Design Association's studio in NY and pick Adam's brain for his expansive practical knowledge to refine their tri-wall-cardboard sculptures.

Judith's class aims to sharpen awareness of the delicate interplay between human and material in design practice. The students' results incorporate findings from Choreography, Fashion- and Furniture Design, Architecture, Sculpture, Photography, and observations made on daily life experiences. They can be at home in any of those fields as applied solutions or as autonomous artistic expression.

The class, 3D Approaches at the University of Denver, explores the Adaptive Design Association's methods of cardboard carpentry while taking a closer look at the individual human body. The class is taught by Judith Leinen, former volunteer at ADA and Adjunct Faculty at the School of Art and Art History at the University of Denver.


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