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A Recliner for Danna

Danna wakes every morning with a smile. Her mother, Nurit keeps Danna’s brothers on track with love, tenderness, and a schedule that everyone can count on. Breakfast is served after everyone is up, dressed, and ready for a new day. Danna, who needs extra care in the morning, gives her mother a nod when choosing clothes for the day. She likes to have her curly hair pulled up into a ponytail and pink is her favorite color. For years, Danna was placed in a large easy chair while breakfast was being prepared and the boys were getting up and ready. “She really never has liked being in the easy chair because she can’t relate to the rest of us,” said Nurit. “I wanted her to have a chair that she could sit in upright and support her body, so I contacted ADA to see if they could help.”

Eric Gottshall, Adaptive Designer and Educator, met with Nurit and Danna to understand physical barriers for Dana in her home such as sitting at a kitchen table or just hanging out while meals were being prepared. “I could see that Danna needed a chair that not only could hold her in a sitting position but she also needed a chair that could recline to give her joints a rest.” said Eric. “I measured Danna’s body dimensions and designed a chair that will grow with her as she is shooting through adolescence. “I chose to use good quality wood and soft cushions to support Danna’s body, said Eric. “Danna deserves a high-quality chair that does not look like something from a hospital room. Nurit makes a huge effort to decorate her home and I wanted the chair to fit in with the designs of Nurit’s home.”

Danna loves her chair. She is able to sit at the table with her family and watch TV with her brothers in the afternoon. She can lean back when her body needs relief, and she can visit with Mom while dinner is being prepared.

At ADA we design adaptive equipment to help families come together at the dinner table. We believe that all children need to be in the circle, not at a distance from their families in furniture that does not fit.

We can only help families with your support. Thank you for being a part of our circle, we are very grateful.


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