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A note of gratitude

With the 2019 giving season upon us, we at the Adaptive Design Association (ADA) are excited to kick it off on a note of gratitude. 

ADA’s Founder, Alex Truesdell, has transitioned out of her role of Executive Director to a full-time proponent of ADA’s urgent mission.  Since her aunt’s spinal cord injury in 1981, Alex championed the case for individual achievement and has been an unparalleled educator regarding the imperative of custom adaptations. As Executive Director since 2001, her vision of building equitable, diverse, and engaged communities through adaptive design has been unwavering. She is now working on a book, mentoring adaptive design programs, and “cheerleading” as we take ownership of building ADA’s future.  

I had the privilege of Alex’s mentorship for four years. Now, as ADA’s new Executive Director I am honored to build on the foundation of integrity and possibilities she created. Today, ADA is well positioned to build upon this legacy, working alongside our board members, stellar staff and community partners, to pursue our major goals.

I look forward with great anticipation to the year ahead, meeting and working with friends and clients, old and new. We are truly grateful to all of you who support the vital programs and services at ADA that empower individuals in NYC and inspire far beyond. This year we are celebrating the year-end with our Every Day at ADA campaign. Please join us on Tuesday, December 3rd, 10 AM - 8 PM for our #GivingTuesday volunteer open house to experience Every Day at ADA.


Jennifer Hercman

Executive Director


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