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Department of Education Adaptive Design Training

We partner with the Department of Education's District 75 shop teachers to bring adaptive design through cardboard carpentry to their shop class.

Adaptive Design Training Program

The collaboration between District 75 and the Adaptive Design Association Inc. is designed to teach students how to fabricate adaptive equipment. Students are provided with opportunities to participate in school-based career training programs in which they learn the skills needed to produce several adaptive products used by students at other District 75 schools. There are currently 7 Adaptive Design programs at schools throughout the District. 


District 75 and Adaptive Design Collaboration

Over the past several years, staff from 7 District 75 schools have been trained by ADA mentors at the ADA workshop with the goal of establishing an Adaptive Design program in each school. Now that the programs are fully established, our ADA programs accept and fill adaptive equipment orders from other District 75 schools. Under the direction of their teachers, students at the production schools continue to fabricate at least 5 different items of adaptive equipment. ADA continues to provide technical support to the teachers and students as needed. 



Program outcomes

The effectiveness of Adaptive Design school programs has been demonstrated through the ongoing observation of students successfully involved in the process of fabricating adaptive equipment at each participating school.


Since the program's inception, participants have produced and distributed over 2500 pieces of adaptive equipment. 


In addition to producing needed equipment for District 75 programs, our students have greatly benefited by developing valuable work skills. 

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