Who We Are

A nonprofit organization

building custom adaptations, nurturing communities,

and challenging assumptions. 

What We Do


We create low-cost or no-cost custom adaptations for people with disabilities in a landscape of expensive and non-custom commercial products.

We make this happen using 

accessible cardboard building techniques in our workshop space and with the help of donors
and volunteers.


We seek to share what we know through courses and presentations about adaptive design and cardboard building, as well as hosting field trips and internship opportunities.

We also encourage schools and organizations to send motivated students for intensive study.


We encourage everyone to design and build user-specific adaptations. We wholeheartedly support the founding of similar organizations and non-profits around the world. We partner with local organizations, such as the New York Department of Education to effect community change.


Get Involved

A custom adaptation can benefit everyone: the person who uses it, the team that imagines it, the team that designs and builds it, and everyone who hears the stories.

Featured Blog Posts

Upcoming Courses + Events


Basic principles of ergonomics, primarily for seated work environments.  Critique your own computer workstation ergonomics and explore commercial and DIY solutions to to improve it. 

New online course:  Workstation Ergonomics 


Virtual Sewing Fest - Sew clear masks together

FREE event:  Sewists from across the world are uniting on Zoom to make and donate clear masks at the first-ever #VirtualSewingFest.  Clear masks benefit people who communicate via reading lips. Kits of materials are available for purchase..



Make a Folding Desk

Improve your work-at-home setup with a folding laptop desk/riser. Join us for a virtual tour of our Midtown workshop and instruction on how to build your own folding laptop desk out of cardboard. Learn more and register here.

Transparent Mask Making

Learn how to create a no-sew DIY clear mask while learning a bit about ADA's mission and work! Learn more and register here.

Thursdays 10:30 - 12:00 EST


Introduction to Seated Positioning -  NOW ONLINE!

A 2-part course: How careful positioning, in sitting, maximizes comfort, alignment and function, and how to achieve those goals.

Course offering consists of two, 2-hour sessions.

Offered monthly.


Book a session for your class today! Beginning with a virtual guided tour of our studio, groups meet our fabricators for an in-depth look into how complex custom adaptations are built as well as build their own cardboard creations. Contact tamara@adaptivedesign.org to learn more.

Virtual visit to Adaptive Design's Workshop
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The Adaptive Design Association  is continually working to make its web content accessible as part of its online inclusion efforts. If you have difficulty accessing our website, please contact us at info@adaptivedesign.org
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