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Who We Are

A nonprofit organization

building custom adaptations, nurturing communities,

and challenging assumptions. 

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Two women bend over a workbench covered with various tools and materials as they build an adaptation in our workshop.
Two little boys sit opposite each other at a table which is painted pale grey to match their chairs. The youngest boy sits in a unique chair with a cushioned headrest and a footrest. The table has a cutout to fit around his chair. The older boy sits on a boxed shaped stool.
A little girl is seated on a purple scooter board, consisting of a cushioned chair mounted on a wheeled platform.  The curved backrest of the chair comes to her shoulders and has no armrests.  The seat is low and the wheels are small, so her feet can be firmly planted on the floor, wide apart, with knees bent.

Get Involved

A custom adaptation can benefit everyone: the person who uses it, the team that imagines it, the team that designs and builds it, and everyone who hears the stories.

A woman reads to a little boy she is holding in her lap. The boy is smiling broadly as he looks at the book. Photos hang on the wall behind them.

Virtual Visits to the Adaptive Design Workshop

Bring the team from Adaptive Design right into your classroom with our virtual visit. ADA offers a virtual visit opportunity for all age groups. During your visit, your group will tour our midtown workshop, meet with our skilled staff of designers and fabricators, therapists, or educators. Participants will engage in discussions around inclusion, person-centered design, accessibility, creativity, and cardboard carpentry. Explore how local and recyclable materials can become chairs, tables, easels, footrests, etc. The virtual experience can be modified to meet your curriculum needs. 


Virtual visits are typically 1.5 hour.

Rate: $225

Contact Tamara Morgan at

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