Clear Masks

Traditional face masks interfere with lip reading and transmission of sign language "facial grammar," disrupting communication for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  In fact, being unable to see facial expressions is a barrier to communication for many people: teachers, health professionals, performers, police, and more.

Clear masks -- those with a transparent window in front -- are being sought by many. Nationwide, volunteer sewists have produced and donated thousands of cloth masks, easing the PPE crisis. Together, let's shift mask culture to clear. 


produce clear masks

We are coordinating an effort to produce clear masks for donation to school children with hearing impairments and the people they interact with daily.

Will you volunteer to make clear masks for people in your community, or send them to us for distribution?

Will you donate supplies, or funds to buy mask supplies?

Let us know

how you can help

Do you sew?

Stranger to needle and thread?


Mask Designs

Dorothy Mask

This clear mask has a large window, a nose wire and elasticized chin cup for good fit, plus attachment for various wearing options (ear loops, headband, ties, etc.)

Sew it yourself from your own materials, or buy a kit with just the right amount of all materials.

Dorothy Hess,


Adam Clear Mask

Looking for a no-sew option? With these simple materials, you can make your own clear mask in just minutes.

Soft foam at nose and chin supports a very large clear panel.  Simple elastic ear loops make for easy on and off.  When not being worn, the mask is very flat, making it friendly to store or transport.

Adam El-Sawaf,


If you need a mask NOW

Many efforts are underway to make clear masks available at little or no cost to those with acute need, such as the Virtual Sewing Fest (above).  The need is great, though, and these efforts will struggle to keep up.

The resources listed below are for those who are experiencing acute need and are able to obtain clear masks on their own, either by purchasing therm or making them themselves.

Where to buy clear masks